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Jim AI is a fitness assistant app available on both Play Store and Apple App Store. offers features such as workout logs and tracking, AI-powered fitness trainer Jim, progress charts, cloud sync, and daily workout reminders.

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About Jim AI

Experience the Future of Fitness

Jim AI is revolutionizing the fitness industry with its cutting-edge technology. Our app combines the power of artificial intelligence with personalized workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively. We believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, and Jim AI is here to guide and motivate you on your fitness journey.


Insights of Jim AI

Log your workouts

Log and track every workout with ease and keep your fitness journey organized and accessible with our cloud-saving feature.

Your Fitness Trainer

Meet Jim, Your AI powered fitness trainer. Jim is here to guide, motivate, and help you make the most of each workout.

Track your progress

You can access your workouts logs of any date of calendar, see what was the hightest weight you attempted.

Why Choose Jim AI?

Stand Out with Jim AI

AI-Powered Trainer

Our AI fitness trainer, Jim, learns from your workouts and constantly adapts your training program to ensure maximum effectiveness and results.

Progress Charts

Track your progress easily with our intuitive progress charts. Visualize your achievements and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Cloud Sync

Access your workout data from anywhere with our cloud sync feature. Never miss a beat and stay on top of your fitness routine.

Daily Workout Reminder

Get reminded of your daily workouts with our convenient reminder feature. Stay on track and never skip a workout again.

Personalized Workouts

Tailored to your fitness level and goals, our workouts are designed to challenge and push you towards your desired results.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience with our app’s user-friendly interface. Focus on your workouts without any distractions.

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